Suggestions? Recipes or product ideas? help pls~

Hi~ :hello2:

I have been doing CG method for several months (May I think), and just began dying my hair in November (getting some greys! :ncool:) I've noticed as I've colored it a few times now that the texture naturally is getting a bit dryer, but it seems some of my stronger curls are also weakening thanks to the chemicals in hair dye :thumbdown: which happens I know, but I'm wondering if anyone has any product recs and recipes recs to help my hair? I'm putting some pics of my hair day after dye, air dry from 6 am shower with some CG gels, and a day spent chasing a four yr old around (my hair looks better in compressed image, worse in large... :sad6:. You can see how my hair goes from thick 3b curls to a few 2 curls thanks to wear and chems. :director:Also its important to note I live in a VERY dry climate in Colorado.

I don't have a lot of money, and it's scary to spend so much on products I have no idea if they will work :banghead: So I prostrate myself before you all and beg for help:notworthy:


  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    Have you thought of more naturally forms of dye, like henna. it wont cause damage. There are lots of threads on the subject. Also you should try protien treatments. that can help strengthen your hair.

    good luck
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    Seems like u may need a bit of protein. Mayo and eggs are good proteins and can be used together or mix two eggs into your cond and let sit on your head for abt 30min to an hr. after you do a protein treatment you need to make sure to moisturize well. If u have some extra virgin olive oil, u can do a hot oil treatment and let sit for 30min. Coconut is another oil that's perfect for a moisturizer and conditioner. U can use a bit daily after u spritz ur hair and rub a bit in there, it will be ur best friend! Trust me. U just need to keep ur hair moisturized daily because of the dye causing dryness. U should also try not to use dyes because in the end u will start having breakage at some point. Embrace ur grays whenever they show, it looks better anyway because no one can continue dying their hair forever without creating lots of damage. Go to Walgreens or cvs and look into a few of the Shea moisture products. It's organic and made for curlies. It's $ 10 a piece. I hope that helps! ��

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