I want my curls back!

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Howdy everyone!

I'm quite new around here, just joined today actually, and I've read a bunch of posts and stuff about co-washing and such. You guys seem like you know a lot about this stuff and I need your advice!

A little background on my hair:

I've been terrible to my hair. I dye it almost monthly. I'm a natural redhead who dyes her hair red (sounds kind of silly, right? Its natually a darker red but I perfer a lighter coppery-red). It currently has blonde highlights which I'm going to dye over next week (way too drying). I've also got A LOT of it and its thick too. When I was younger I used to have big curls, like 3a/b curls (imagine Rachelle Lefevre's hair, we'd pretty much be twins if my hair was still curly).

In high school, I jumped on the bandwagon of straightening and blowdrying my hair everyday and frying the crap out it. So now my hair is fluffy. It's just random waves here or there and fizzy! My hair doesnt feel too bad. Its still soft and not straw-like. My hair still straightens fanstically without fizziness or fly aways. Only in its natural state does it give me a hard time.

I've attached a couple of pictures of my hair in its current state (they're blurry... just took them with my phone).

What kind of action should I take to get back to the lovely curls I used to have? Is it to late to go back? Will co-washing help at all?

I wear my hair in a bun almost every day I go to university because its just so unmanagable.
I need help!!!!

*sorry for the loooong post.


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    I would start doing some DT's and giving your hair some protein (if you hair is ok with protein) - maybe once a week. Try and do them too the night before you are going to colour. Co washing should help you too as shampoo will be adding to the dryness. Try scrunching your styling products in too - that may help with curling. It may take a while though to get your hair in better condition but stick at it. :)
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    There is definite wave there, so I do think you can wear it wavy if you want to. I agree that a protein treatment might help. Co-washing might be a good option, or you could use a sulfate free shampoo. My guess is that once your hair recovers from all the heat damage and color damage, it will curl more. A lot of people on here have had similar experiences with their hair. There is so much info. on here that is so helpful!
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    Just an update:
    Ive started to co-wash with some cone and sulfate free conditioners and have seen improvements already! I never realized how dry my hair actually was despite it feeling healthy. I also tried the plopping technique and that seems to help set up the curls.

    I'm so glad I found this site! hahah

    Thanks again!

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