Trying this CG method please help

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Iam very new (haven't started yet) this CG method and iam trying to us a poo free and I got a few questions and iam going to tell you how my hair is first then you guys can help me please and thank you

Ok let's go str8 to it
I have 3b curls(I think) and my hair is very very demaged I used to straight my hair everyday when it's start then I seen my hair start to thin out allot and stop growing the inch it post to do ever mouth! I did a big hair chop it was to my neck I did this aug 30th 2011 and it's now a new year and it just not getting to my shoulder....Yeaaa see how growth stoped it's thin it the middle of my hair and now working it's way down! I think it's cause I used this dye it BUT some places are soooo heathy and parts are very dry and noo life (middle my head) Iam not used to this I always had long pretty hair it would grow back in two weeks Soo pretty I had it to my BUTT girls like that's Alot of girls dreams lolol but I had help with my mom she hate when I trim my hair lolol so when I cut it lol she wanted to cry lol but that's my story now Wat do I NEED

What's a good conditioner for co wash I was thinking aubrey white camellia
&& leave in - I was thinking Shea moisture organic curl enhancing smoothie
&& deep conditioner what's a good deep conitioner(I just started doing hot oil treatments oilve oil honey n coconut oil)
&& is it ok to use baking soda as shampoo&& apple cider vinegar can I still use apple cider vinegar and still us conitioner
&& gel is curly curl gel les good?? Idk
Oh iam also mixed if that helps(black white native American)
HELP PLEASE!!! Thank you

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