Pravana Perfection SmoothOut after 3 mths

rovergirlrovergirl Registered Users Posts: 22
I'd posted back in October that I tried this.
Figured I'd post a little more feedback.
My hair is mainly 3B with more wavy than curly toward my face.
I did the SmoothOut in mid October and can report it has now "worn out" of my hair.
It did slowly wear off and I have no line of demarcation showing on new growth. The last two or three times I co-washed I noticed a bit more frizz each time and that my hair wanted more condish left in and more gel too - so I knew the treatment was coming off.
I'll be going next week to get it done again - I'm hooked.
It cut my product use in half, it totally eliminated the frizz and my hair felt great (but it was pretty healthy anyway).
I go later today and get it trimmed - like last time I'm going to have my stylist take off just the very very ends - maybe 1/4 inch - clean the long layers up a bit since I am trying to get it longer.
Since the SmoothOut has worn out - my curl is pulling everything back up more and it looks shorter again. My hair springs up about 5" if I pull it down and let it go.
With the SmoothOut it was hanging down longer - which I liked and I wore it curly most of the time - very rarely did I dry it straight (and when I did - I just used low heat and finger combed it and it was "straightish").

I will try to get my hubby to take a few pics tonight and then later next week after I get it done again and after I wash it and let it dry curly to show you all.

The gal I go to for my cut is not the gal that does the treatment - otherwise I'd have it done again today.


  • cconsaulcconsaul Registered Users Posts: 2
    :toothy8: Thats me after Pravana SmoothOut!lol. NO seriously though. My hair is a 3c and I often go to Florida which is not fun for my hair. Well if I like it straight. Which I usually do. I got the first treatment in june '11 ...AMAZING! still had a bit of curl but lost the frizz. In about August it starting to get a little frizz back. I got it done again and it seems that the more you get it the more it works great!

    Keep in mind I wash my hair once a week and used the perfection shampoo and conditioner and only redken heat glide serum. Put the serum on wet...let my hair air dry... Then blow dry and flat iron.

    My hair seems so soft and shiny and looks healthier I luuuuv it. I got it done a 3rd time in Oct. and OMG My hair doesnt even curl when I wash is bone straight and it is now Feb '12 and My hair still is straight. I will try to post pics..I think i only have how curly it was after the first cuz I rarely would wear it curly b4 then. The first photo is after One treatment and the second is after 2.

    I will say my hair dresser said the blow out after applying makes or breaks the perm. So make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing.

    And remember protect those ends!!! put a little oily stuff on your ends. When just doing a touch up flat ironing during the week I just put a little amika oil on my hair to keep from drying out. :)
  • AphroDivaAphroDiva Registered Users Posts: 183
    GORGEOUS!!!!! OK I have to try this brand!
    Is the process of application the same as others? Wash hair, Dry, Apply product, Dry again, and Flat Iron?

    You and Your hair look beautiful!
  • cconsaulcconsaul Registered Users Posts: 2
    AphroDiva wrote: »
    GORGEOUS!!!!! OK I have to try this brand!
    Is the process of application the same as others? Wash hair, Dry, Apply product, Dry again, and Flat Iron?

    You and Your hair look beautiful!

    Thanks girl :) Yep... wash,towel dry,apply,let sit,blow out, flat iron and wala your good to go. You can wash out after if you don't like the sticky feeling and it will still hold but I usually leave mine in about 3-4 days before washing.
  • jazkijazki Registered Users Posts: 1
    Your hair looks amazing! My luck was very different. I got the treatment done not to get my hair straight, but to keep my curls, but reduce the frizz and reduce the amount of product used. The first time I got it done (Oct 2011) it was great! I was so happy with it! I got it for a second time on Feb 2012 and I considering cutting most of my hair now :( since the half end of my hair (about 4.5 inches) does not curl anymore and it looks really dry and with horrible split ends! I went on the Pravana page to see if the have another solution before I cut my hair! So sad :(
  • arianne.torgarianne.torg Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hey rovergirl, are you still getting the treatments? What part of Tennessee are you in, if you don't mind me asking? I'm in Marion County and I charge $65 at my salon. I just moved a year ago from Chicago and they are much more expensive up there. I'm just wondering what the other salons are charging through out the state.
    Thanks :)
  • Camille34Camille34 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
    Pravana Perfection Smoothout treatment can disgrace your hair as it did with mine! I had done the treatment 2 months ago and after more than 8 washes my hair smells like rotten eggs. Seriously it is not just some smell, it does smell REALLY bad. I can’t believe that they still sell this stuff!!! After posting a bad review at their Facebook page they replied to me in private sayings that this happens to some people’s hair. Can you believe that they know the consequences and still selling it??? I color my hair sporadically and I use the best products on the market. I really don’t know what to do. I’m frustrated because I was looking for something to make my hair look nice and what I got it was the most awful treatment to my hair. Don’t buy it, you’ll regret. 

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