Cream Recommendations?

I'm guessing my hair needs more...oomph in the winter. I'd like to find a cream, but I'm damn picky. I'd prefer not to have to order it online, but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. I've got huge, 3b-c hair that is just not having it lately. I've been getting stringy curls with dry frizz. It's not as "moist" and soft as it usually is.

Any help would be delightful.

Thanks gals! :D


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    You might look in the salons near you to see if they carry some of the stuff people like on this site.
    I think my fav curl creme is the Curl Junkie Guava one, the one made for protein sensitive curlies. Nice clumping and moisture.
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    Have you tried Recoil? If so, maybe you're sensitive to the mag.sulfate or protein in it? If not, definitely try it if you haven't already! And like MH said, I'm really liking the CJ Guava cream so far, and am about to try the coffeecoco one. If you're not CG, or if you are and don't care about the dimethicone, then give the Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Creme a try. I got great results with it the time I used it (didn't realize it had the d-cone in it). That one you can definitely pick up in the drug store! Boots is of course another favorite, but harder to get a hold of than the others.
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    I just bought Ion Curl Creme from Sally-it was cheap-around five dollars. They have two types. The type for fine hair comes in a tube, and the type for coarser hair comes in a tub.

    I really liked the one for fine hair. I used a strong gel over it (Aquelle Extreme Hold, also from Sally's ). I got really good curl definition and my hair didn't feel producty.

    I'm always looking for cheaper products, so I hope this helps!

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    What about the Out of Bed cream from L' runs about $3 and a lot of people seem to be having luck with's a neat texture...sort of a cream-gel. I have only used it a couple times, but it's nice, especially for $3.
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    Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.