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i have short, thick(lots of hairs), 3b hair. I am a CGer, and i love it. my problem is that my normally soft, tangle-free, manageable hair has suddenly become dryer and knotty. i haven't changed any of my products, or the way I take care of my hair, so why is my hair suddenly acting so different? if it makes any difference, i live in canada and it just got REALLY cold. is the cold drying out my hair? Please help! I want my nice hair back! :(


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    Assuming you're still using all CG stuff maybe you just need more moisture. My hair is needing more moisture and it's not nearly as cold and dry here. It's still 80% humidity to 95% and it was 60 today. So I imagine you'll need a heavier conditioner.
    Curl cremes are good too.
    It's a trip how different winter styling is from summer isn't it?
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    Ok, my hair isn't normally tangle-free to start with, but I've been going through a stage the last month where I can get some ferocious knots in the back. Some have been so bad that I've just had to snip them off. :? But like medusahair said, just try and use a good moisturizing conditioner, that should help at least some. Also, I think some products, especially some gels can cause more tangling for me, so I've started to try and avoid putting product in that area, in hopes of avoiding more tangles. The area that is worst for me is the very bottom layer underneath, between the neck and downwards.
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    I have 3c hair but the same thing happened to me. I had just bought all these new products and was loving them. However after only a couple uses my hair started looking really crappy and feeling horrible. I was freaking out thinking i wasted all that money. My hair changed at the exact time the weather here in Chicago turned extremely dry and cold, but I wasn't sure if it was that or build up or what. Nothing I did worked to fix it. After a while I realized it was the weather, and the gels I had (rr and [buylink=]ccss[/buylink]) were drying out my hair because of the dry air for some reason. I stopped using them and that helped. I also eventually noticed that my hair felt more brittle and needed more moisture. I started being very gentle when applying product in the shower, and using a lot. I make sure my hair is well coated with product before I try to detangle now. I also have to cover up the vent in my bathroom when I shower because it sucks the moisture out of the room and makes a big difference in how my hair looks for the day. Hopefully when summer comes my hair will go back to how it was!
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    I'm a thick 3B and my hair does the same thing in the colder weather. I really have to moisturize a lot more to get my hiar back to something close to normal.
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    thanks a lot for the info! it sounds like i just need a more moisurizing condish because of the cold.