DevaCurl and Styling

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Hello, Everyone-

I recently started using DevaCurl's gel and moisture lock, and while I think they are great products, I'm a little frustrated by what they do to parts of my hair. When I comb my hair out and put my leave-in conditioner (Giovanni) in, I then put in the moisture lock and the gel. I do this to my hair while it is separated into two parts. Once I do this, I diffuse a little bit. What I find is happening is that the ends of my hair are perfectly curled, but the rest of it is pretty frizzy. My hair is also shrinking up an insane amount, which I know can't really be helped. I just hate the way the frizz looks, especially in contrast to some of the perfectly formed curls that show up. I also find that using these products causes some pieces of hair to look straight and others to curl up a lot. I'm just wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong.

I'd appreciate any suggestions or thoughts you may have.


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