help with my sister's natural heat damaged hair!!

My older sister told me recently that she was interested in wearing her natural curls out more often. What she usually does with her hair is she gets it blown out at a Dominican hair salon about every two weeks, and i can't remember that last time her hair wasn't straight, before a few days ago. I can tell she has a lot of heat damage because her hair gets barely wavy when its washed, much less kinky curly like it used to be. I didn't tell her because i didn't want to discourage her. But i need some ideas as to how to get her curls back. I know heat damage isn't reversible but i need some ideas on how to help her get her curls back. The main problem is that i know she needs styles and products that aren't too much hassle to do/use because she's a single working mother. Some things i thought of already are for her to definitely start doing deep treatments weekly (im going to let her use my hair therapy wrap since im doing the no heat challenge), buying sulfate and cone free conditioners, and suggesting that she take hair vitamins to help her hair grow faster so that the heat damage grows out.

What do you curlies suggest for her? Her hair is pretty long (past shoulder blade length) and she also dyed the back part of her hair a blond-ish color while the rest is naturally dark brownish

Sorry for such a long post!*:help:
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    She should try aphogee two step protein treatment

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    She can try protein treatments and make sure to always follow with a moisturizing treatment. But you should tell her there is a chance her hair won't revert. I've seen those Dominican blowouts on YT and if she puts that much heat on her hair every two weeks. YIKES!! If her hair doesn't revert she can try buns, wet sets with a hooded dryer, braids as transitioning styles as she slowly cuts as her hair grows out. Definitely stay away from direct heat.
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