Looser curls

chelsea408chelsea408 Registered Users Posts: 3
I have thin 3b/3c hair and I want it to look like


How can I do this!!! HELP!


  • luvscurlzluvscurlz Registered Users Posts: 109
    Is that what your curl pattern looks like? If not, I'm not sure how you'd be able to achieve it.

  • DaiseeDayDaiseeDay Registered Users Posts: 94
    I think you could do a roller set or a twist-out. How the curls will come out depends on your curls though.
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  • CurlyGurly82554CurlyGurly82554 Registered Users Posts: 5
    You would have to get a relaxer. There r 2 different types one that loosens your curls and one that makes your hair straight. I would recommend the one that makes curls looser cuz the one that makes your hair straight I've heard really damages your hair. Good luck:)
  • CaseyGoNaturalCaseyGoNatural Registered Users Posts: 145
    Don't get a relaxer.

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  • anonymous_103081anonymous_103081 Registered Users Posts: 492
    Yeah DONT get a relaxer. you'll fry your hair clean off. You could try the Brazilian blow out products by Organix. That's what I use and it loosens my curls just enough to be manageable which they weren't before. I like the Organix because it doesn't have formaldehyde like the salon versions, and it doesn't damage your hair. I'm all about no chemicals, and my hair loves Organix.

    Or you could try henna treatments, but henna gives red tint and is very permanent. I also use henna, but I like the red :)
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  • BellaCaramellaBellaCaramella Registered Users Posts: 51
    I would avoid chemical processes, the damage is irreversible. If you want that looser curl look, you should try a bantu knot-out. Straight-haired ladies use it (by a different name) to get loose curls, and kinkier-haired ladies use it to get the look of loose curls, so it should work for you too. There are lots of tutorials on youtube about it.
  • sloka25sloka25 Registered Users Posts: 78 Curl Neophyte
    Maybe try rollers or curlformers?

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