Help me with Pink Boots usage

I got some Pink Boots a few days ago (thanks, Medusahair!) and I'm trying to figure out exactly how to use it. The first time I tried it mixed with [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] with joiwhip mousse over it, but I think I used too much of either the boots or the [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] because my hair was kind of gunky and a bit flat. I did get good clumping though and that's what I was looking for with the boots. So today I tried much less boots (I raked through about a dime sized amount) and scrunched tress fx over it (I know, I really ought to change one thing at a time, but oh well). My hair looks pretty good and feels nice, but I didn't get the clumping I was hoping for. So, anyone who uses boots:

How much do you use,
How do you apply it, and
What do you use with it?

thick 3b; currently loving Devacurl and Kinky-Curly