Best way to get hair back to natural color?

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So, I've been dying my hair for 6 years, so I haven't had my hair my natural color at all since then. I've been dying it all sorts of colors since I love dying my hair! But since going CG, I don't want to dye my hair anymore, I just want to grow it out all natural so it can be completely healthy. But I don't know how to get my hair back to my natural color.. I don't really know what exactly my natural hair color is now! Before I started dying my hair, I think it was light brown but it would always get pretty blonde from the sun. But my hair has been progressively getting darker my whole life, so I'm pretty sure my hair has gotten darker since then, so I have no idea how it would look all grown out. My roots are grown out about an inch, and it looks like some sort of ash brown color.. I'm guessing around a light-medium ash brown. And the rest of my hair is dyed a medium brown.. but it's a very golden color with red tones in it, even though I tried dying it an ash color to match my natural color, it still comes out having red undertones.. it seems like drugstore ash dyes are not very true ash colors. So my natural hair has no red undertones in it at all so it looks a little weird growing out in comparison to my dyed hair. So what is the best way I can get my hair back to my natural color? Should I just keep cutting off the dyed parts of my hair until all of the dyed parts are all grown out and deal with the grown out parts of my hair looking weird? Or can I somehow dye my hair my natural color? But I feel like it will be impossible to match it.. even at a salon, whenever I go to a salon they never do my hair how right/how I want it, so I mostly just resort to dying it myself. :/
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    Britney- I have the same issue. I'm trying to grow out lots of blonde highlights. I've resigned myself to eventually getting the color done at a salon, but in the meantime, I will do an occasional semi-permanent color. This way my hair isn't two-toned while I shop around for a salon, but it's not something that's going to do any major damage to my hair. I just make sure to do lots of PTs and DTs to keep the ends as healthy as possible.
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