Left a clay mask on to long... Please help!

FrannieGoytFrannieGoyt Posts: 114Registered Users
Hi... So 2 nights ago I did a clay mask with multani clay and french green clay and a few drops of tea tree oil go my breakouts I do this mask anytime pimples r out of control usually it works great and I have no problems and even end up leaving it on over night... This time though it was different I did it on a larger area of skin and the next morning about 12 hrs later (usually leave it for 8hrs) I washed it off in shower and once my face was try and I put jojoba oil for my moisturizer my skin had random grey ish brown batches the next day they strayed to flake off then like an idiot ai used a warm clothe to soften the skin and I completely over exfoliated and now yesterday and today I have raw pink blotches that dnt hurt much but sting slightly I have been applying vitamin E and argan oil and Shea butter to it and it has helped a bit anything else I should do?? Oh and I kno I shouldn't leave masks on so long but usually my skin reacts wel to it.... :/ thnx in advanced!! :)


  • FrannieGoytFrannieGoyt Posts: 114Registered Users
    Ooops not 2 nights 4 nights lol
  • theliothelio Posts: 5,374Registered Users
    I burnt myself and I used Aloe. it healed really fast and didnt leave any marks.
  • FrannieGoytFrannieGoyt Posts: 114Registered Users
    Cool thnx I have an aloe plant too how convenient! :)

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