Cutting locs off???

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Hi guys. I've been growing my locs for almost 12 years now. I started with a teeny tiny fro. 12 years later my locs are to my waist. I debate on cutting them off every now and then. This is one of those times where I really think im ready. Have any of you grown locs for years and then cut them off and regret it or love it. I get kind of an anxiety attack when i think about cutting them off. On the other hand, I am craving the change. Over the years I have colored them, bleached them, curled them...everything and anything. Now I feel like they are worn 90% of the time in a ponytail. A heavy ponytail at that. As a man I dont feel comfortable doing the fun updos that I see on women with locs. :tongue6: Someone tell me their story of cutting them off and how it felt afterwards... RR
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    this is a pic of one of my attempts at a "fancy" ponytail as opposed to just a regular one...LOL...RR
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    hey there. i had my traditional locs for almost 6 years, started after 2 years worth of natural hair. like you mine felt heavy and i sort of felt like a hippy. i cut bangs (big mistake) and that was the beginning of the end for me. i got them cut off completely 5 years ago. i went with loose natural hair for awhile but wanted longer hair again and realized for me to achieve length again my hair does better in locs so this time i have sisterlocks and i'm happy.

    i don't regret my original set of locs

    i don't regret cutting those locs

    i don't regret the time i spent with loose hair

    i don't regret getting sisterlocks

    i've been happy at every point and once i felt really inclined to do something i knew it was the right choice and i never looked back. plus, if my desire had been to keep my hair shorter, loose hair is nice. it's just for me, my hair was fragile and did better loc'd than loose for length.

    here's some pics of my hair at the longest lengths
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    I've never had locs but after reading this I thought maybe you could cut your locs? Not all the way off, just shorter. If you enjoy being at a shorter length (different look and style options) then you might want to keep them. But if you still think about cutting them off, you'll be more confident about the decision.
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    I had my locs for a little over 7 years. Like you, I contemplated cutting them off for quite some time. I also felt a sense of anxiety when I started to put some serious thought into cutting them. For me, that was a sign that I wasn't quite ready to take that step. I went back and forth for two full years before I finally cut them off. When the right time came, I just knew, and I had no anxiety about it at all. In fact, I remember feeling quite a sense of peace about it and I just knew I was ready. So I got up, grabbed my scissors and cut them off.

    I don't regret cutting my locs at all, but it did take me a little while to stop feeling like a stranger was looking back at me in the mirror. I think everything in life has its season, and it was time for my first set to go. But I loved my locs, and I will lock again soon.
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    Thanks guys. I keep thinking one day im gong to look in the mirror and say "today is the day". I crave the change, but dont dislike what im working with either. I think its like any habit or routine. Hard to imagine not locing. :confused5::confused5: Nothing and i mean nothing in my life is routine. i get bored with everything in like 2 seconds. Yet I have not gotten bored with my locs... I look at pics of guys that had long locs and then cut them off and I feel excited for them at first, then i feel like they just blend into the masses again. I do feel kind of hippie though. I dont know. Until i do im just going to wait for that day that the mirror speaks to me. Maybe I'll change the color again.
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    this is a pic of one of my attempts at a "fancy" ponytail as opposed to just a regular one...LOL...RR

    Beautiful locks!
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    Dang, how I missed this? LoL! I had mine for nearly 6 years. I picked them out May 2011 and haven't looked back. :) I ended up cutting my hair in the end because I got lazy and cut the back, so it was uneven. I evened it. :p

    Now 9 mos later, I'm loose and loving my lil curls. :D

    Jen :D

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    My friend had her locs "taken down". She went to Venezuela and they saturated her hair with conditioner and then used a needle to separate her locs. Maybe you can do something similar?She had to cut off many inches of her ends, but still maintained a lot of length.

    Also, I think the other suggestion is good too. Cut them shorter, see how you feel, and if you don't want locs anymore cut them off.

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