Still figuring this all out... advise please?

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Hi! I'm Rissa! 2b and wanting to go natural.

The past week, I've been kinda obsessed with this website. My sister is a health junkie and she's been getting my mind on natural treatments, body and hair, and I've met with some GREAT methods. Then I find when I go back to the old hair stuff, it's like I just put my hair through the fryer. I'm starting to narrow it down, but I need some help. There's gotta be at least one hair twin out here that can help me out. :wave:

Here's my recent history:

A year ago, I got the inkling that all the alcohol in my Pantene Pro-V for Curly Hair was drying my hair out and causing the pretty awful itchy scalp with dandruff build-up, so I switched to Suave Almond and Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner and saw some improvement. The oils in it seemed to make the difference.

About this time I also cut my hair super short (top of neck) and was blow-drying it every day to flip it out, and using at least 3 different products, all of which have silicone as the first few ingredients. My poor hair.

The longer it got, the more I would put mousse in it, Tresemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse. And I did this nearly every day, which means I washed my hair every day. Co-wash didn't exist to me. And the conditioner has a silicone as the second ingredient, so that wouldn't help anyways.

Other products I would use was Tresemme's Heat Tamer Spray, John Freida's secret weapon, and Aussie's leave-in conditioner. The only safe-ish stuff was the Pantene Classic Hairspray. It has a water-soluble silicone.

Even after a hot oil treatment, my hair was still a straw-like, frizzy mess. Thaaat's not cooool. It's arm-pit length now.

So.. here's the method of attack I've made so far. I tried co-washing this week with the suave. Nu-uh. Scalp was a nasty, greasy, flat, thin mess (though conditioner didn't touch my scalp) and length was still a frizzy mess. So I've decided the silicone in the conditioner is probably my enemy.

I ordered the new Burt's Bees More Moisture shampoo and conditioner, hoping it will become my new best friend. They're sulfate free and silicone free. Hopefully the proteins will be fine though. My hair has LOVED plain yogurt treatments before.

This weekend I have:

Done a clarifying wash with the suave shampoo, a pantene volumizing shampoo my mother has, and apple cider vinegar wash (latter with cold water). Air dry. Hair felt super soft and shone wonderfully. Next day, today, I did a deep conditioning treatment with honey and coconut oil, washed with the suave shampoo. Air drying now. Feels a little oilier than I prefer, but looks great. I'll shampoo tomorrow and condition the length with my mom's non-silicone Pantene stuff that works like a dream.

So depending on what I've described thus far, what products would you suggest for styling? I need something besides the hairspray, something without silicone, for sure. Without sulfate too? What about protein, since the Burt's Bees has protein (I think)? It needs to be good for wavies - light and volumizing. I would prefer that I could find it in local store like a drugstore chain or Sally's (Jackson, MS doesn't have much and I don't care to pay $14 in shipping :sad6:). I've been searching and searching online, but found no wavie reviews on the stuff I'm looking at. Like:

As I am Curling Jelly Coil Definer and
Zotos - Biotera - Biotera Curl Creme

And whatever it is, it's gotta battle Mississippi humidity. lol I'll be forever grateful to anyone who can steer me in the right direction. My poor hair has been waiting 21 years to have some TLC, and I never knew how I was neglecting its needs. I was going to donate my hair to Beautiful Lengths this summer, but I can't give this mess to anyone. I need to cut it and grow out some healthier hair first.


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    Hi Rissa and welcome! Finding the right products for your hair can be a long process. It's best to determine what your hair needs first. You'll find it helpful to have an idea of what your hair properties are. Here is a link that can help: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Different hair properties respond differently to products and their ingredients. For example, fine, porous hair typically responds well to protein. Thick, coarse hair typically responds well to emollients. While there are exceptions to every rule, this can give you a good starting point.

    I noticed a significant difference in my hair when I a.) stopped doing things that caused damage (like blow drying and flat ironing) and b.) started using products that were healthy for my hair. It took patience and lots of experimenting. Hang in there!
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    Oooo... I like that site!! I'll have to finish reading later, but that is a load of great information. No wonder my hair likes protein! High porosity, medium texture. Thank you!! I'm about to test out her curl care routine.
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    Welcome, Rissa! We're glad you've joined us!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    I have been wi confused on telling my hair texture and porosity! I tried the hold the strand to the light and its hard to see, but my hair is naturally blonde.... The porosity test I just can't figure out, its quick but it kinda catches but.not to the point of stopping

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    Curlybran, I think the "catching" is like the roughness, not really a stop to it. But then if your hair reacts to humidity like to balloon, then you know you have high porosity. Mississippi humidity.. oy.
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    Rissa77 wrote: »
    Curlybran, I think the "catching" is like the roughness, not really a stop to it. But then if your hair reacts to humidity like to balloon, then you know you have high porosity. Mississippi humidity.. oy.

    Not necessarily. I have low porosity, but my hair gets huge in humidity. If the strand test isn't working, think about how long it takes your hair to get completely wet when you're in the shower. If it gets soaked immediately, you probably have higher porosity. If it takes longer, lower porosity. Also if you dye your hair, if you have to leave it in longer to get the dye to take, you probably have lower porosity. They're not perfect methods, but they should give you a pretty good clue.

    Rissa, you should try shampooing less often. Even sulfate-free shampoos have harsher ingredients than conditioner, so they still can dry out your hair. Unless you actually have something dirty in your hair, shampooing is mostly unnecessary. The silicones in your conditioner and styling products were definitely the cause of the greasiness. Silicones are not inherently evil; they're just avoided because we have to use evil sulfates to get out the buildup from them (although there are other ways to get out silicones without using sulfates). When you're starting out, it's good to try out several different types of products to see what your hair likes best. The key is to learn your hair's properties and ALWAYS read every single ingredient to find the products that have ingredients you hair will like or dislike.

    Some drugstore/Sally's products I've found useful:

    Herbal Essenses Set Me Up gel (Totally Twisted also) - I think you should really try these instead of hairspray. Use it in soaking wet hair and scrunch like your life depends on it. :)

    Suave Naturals (the Shea and Almond one you have has 'cones, but the really cheapo bottles like Green Apple and Coconut are the ones you want) - great for cowashing cause you use a ton but it's like less than $1 for a bottle.

    Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition for a leave-in and rinse out conditioner

    Yes to Carrots and Cucumbers is pretty good - the conditioner

    Tresemme Naturals conditioner

    LA Looks Sport Gel

    GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally's - an HG for me, super thick, creamy formula, tons of moisture, but is surprisingly lightweight (then again, I have coarse hair, so keep in mind what works for some people might not work for you, but a lot of people do like this product, even as a deep treatment)

    Bioterra Curl Creme, styling gel

    Check out Target! Lately Target has been carrying lots of products for curly gals that are CG-approved. I got my Kinky Curly Curling Custard from there!

    Good luck!
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