New Keratin Treatments (Aveda, Bumble and Bumble Con-censtraight, Ojon and more...

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I been noticing more and more new generation keratin treatments. First was the formeldahyde, next was cysteine based treatments, now all of the treatments contain sodium sulfites not to be confused with sulfates.

If there are any chemists on board please chime in. Sodium sulfites smell like the old school "perms" and they were used in wave solutions but supposedly they are "neutral perms" that don't effect the ph of the hair much.

These smoothing treatments are supposed to be temporary and last for about 30 shampoos.

Here are the brands:

Aveda Smooth Infusion Texture Smoother - Will be performed in salons.

Bumble and Bumble Con-censtraight - Performed in the salon and an at home version is available as well for $45.

Ojon Super Sleek - A kit for $59 can be purchased at QVC. This comes in two strengths for loose wavy hair and tight curly hair

Silk Elements Kera-Minerals - Marketed to ethnic women and sold at Sally's Beauty Supply

Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing System - Available at Sally's

I am 3c with bleached hair and highlights. I am only doing keratin about twice a year and looking for treatments that allow me to keep my curls as most keratin results in bone straight hair for me. I love QOD Max Organiq but I am dying to try one of these treaments. I have been doing my own keratin for 3 years in April and I have tried so many treatments and done so many treatments and used so many brands it's insane lol.

Anyhoo, I performed a patch test of the Kera-Minerals on a large chunk of hair in the back to test the integrity of my hair. So far so good. I'm going to test the Brazilian Tech on the other side.

Let me know your experience with these treatments!


Bumble and Bumble:


Silk Elements Kera-Minerals:,default,pd.html


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    Sally's also has Ion's Keratin Treatment which I've tried several times. A huge bottle is only 20 dollars (you don't need the kit) and I've had great results. It hasn't caused any real damage and lasts for awhile (maybe about 2 months or so.) Once it starts to fade it becomes really noticeable which is kind of annoying.. but it's easy to do so not a problem to reapply.
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    I believe I know which one you are talking about but I don't think it has sulfites. Does is have a "perm" smell to it?
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    No, it doesn't smell bad at all really. It has a strong smell, but it's kind of a nutty smell.. if that makes sense. It doesn't smell like chemicals at all.

    Ion - Smooth Solutions - Ion Keratin Smoothing Treatment 12 oz.

    It's on sale right now! Hope that doesn't mean they are discontinuing it.

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