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Hi all!!

I have fine, 3b, below BSL hair ^.^ I just recently purchased a BUNCH of new products and I'm wondering about the amounts that I should use to start out with and product application techniques.

DM - Curling creme, gelly, and super buttercream:
I know that the creme says to apply it from root to tip on every single strand, but I think that that would be weighty on my hair and I'm wanting more volume with lots of definition. How much do you use on your hair and how do you apply it(scrunch, smooth, rake, wet hair, damp hair etc). Gelly - Love the consistency of this stuff and it seems to be a "scrunch it in" product for me, but I'm still open to other suggestions. Buttercream - feels awesome but I'm worried about it making me oily...I don't want to end up with a grease slick on my hair lol :P

Komaza- Califia styling pudding:
I believe that the instructions are more for 3c and up curlies so I was wondering how 3b and below curlies use it? (same details as above please ^.^)

CurlyKinks - Coil Jam:
First off I LOVE the scent of this stuff, it smells so good! Anyways lol, this product says to smooth it in, but I'm afraid of pulling my curls out and reducing volume at the roots. How do you guys use it?

Additional info:

I seem to have issues getting product to my roots (they usually end up poofy/flat at the same time and productless :roll: ) Tips on that would be awesome too lol :P These are the last products I'm allowing myself to buy (my PJ-ness is getting WAY out of hand...) for a while so I'm really hoping to get some good use out of them!!

I also posted this in Product recs/reviews ^.^
3b 1/2, Fine, Porous.
Lower Back length w/ layers
CG off and on for 3 years
Cowash: AsIAm coconut co-wash
Condish:Organicals Deep Conditioning Creme(New HG :love5:)
Deep Condish: Organicals DCC, CJ Repair Me!
Leave-in: Organicals DCC, DB pumpkin seed, CJ smoothing lotion
Gel: Naturelle Volumax (summer love), Bioterra, CurlyKinks Coil Jam
Creams: DM Dream curling creme(HG), AG:Recoil, BeeMine curly butter, Organicals DCC
Other: Curl Keeper(HG), CJ CIAB(HG)


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    Once you get the hang of them i expect reviews! :D

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    My hair is fine/low porosity, so I usually use minute amounts of most products. It may be a little different for you, so I'd start out with smaller amounts and work my way "up."

    As far as the DM products go, the Curl Cream is actually pretty light. I rarely use it. In the summer I use the Hair Whip (which replaced the Coco Hemp) and the Gelly. When the dewpoints get lower, I add the Curl Cream as a middle layer as a curl enhancer. I don't need a product to SOTC, but that's how I would use the Buttercream. Unless your hair is really dry and needs moisture, it may be too much.

    The Kozama Califia pudding is a "middle" layer for me, too. My favorite combination for that is to use one of the shescentit leave ins, the Califia Pudding (I actually prefer the Coconut Pudding, but use both. Have to use twice as much of the Califia) and top it off with my homemade FSG.

    Here's the review I did on Curly Kinks. I'm a product strumpet and right now these products are top of my list. I LOVE the scent, too. The synergy between the Satin Roots and the Coil Jam is something special. My hair satiates on product and I rarely use any one thing more then once a week. I "let" myself use this combo every 5 days. My hair looks incredible when I do and I get compliments from strangers, if I am out and about. My hair looks so good, I haven't wanted to try them with other products. My only experiment was with the ReFresh. I can't use sprays for second day hair. Thought I'd try this on soaking wet hair as a first layer with the Satin Roots/Coil Jam (a little too much for my hair) and just with the Coil Jam (hair came out well.)

    As far as technique. I put all products in soaking wet hair, wrap with a Curlease while I dress and put on makeup (my hair is too short to plop), scrunch water out with a CLU towel and diffuse upside down for 5+ minutes (never touching my hair with dryer.) When right side up, I shake out my hair, part with my finger nail and clip my side swept bangs out of my face. A few hours later, when it's totally dry, I put my fingers under my hair to release it from my scalp and SOTC, if necessary.
    3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity
    SE PA

    HGs: Anything Sevi; Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Curlycue ReNew and Coil Jam; homemade FSG and okra gel; soap bars; UFD Curly Magic; Botanical Spirits Jellies, CJ Repair Me, Aloe Fix

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