Help Dry 3c/4a Hair! Plz

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So I just tried the herbal essence hello hydration shampoo, and it dried out my hair. So I did a deep condition with the mixed chicks and my hair is still dry. Its so dry when I touch it it makes a crunchy noise. I also put the mixed chicks leave in, and olive oil moisture from african pride but nothing works. please help me restore moisture:-(:-(:-(:-(. Any advice will help


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    Shea butter mixed with olive oil and coconut oil works for me. I use it overnight with a plastic cap and wash it in the morning. After, put a leave in conditioner and jojoba or sweet almond oil in your hair and seal the moisture in with any kind of sealing. I use keracare.

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  • MzCreoleCurlyMzCreoleCurly Posts: 19Registered Users
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    maybe you need to switch products? my hair does not get along with any of the ones you listed and i know if i were to use them on a regular basis, my hair would be dry and crunchy too.
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    Definitely try the olive oil and shea butter and see how it works. Also you might want to deep condition with an all natural product. My hair used to like those products you mentioned, but after a while it got sick of them so I've switched to using only all-natural products. You can try some products from the sheamoisture line. As a deep conditioner I highly recommend the Purification Masque:


    ^Wish that picture wasn't so big -_-, but you get the idea.

    Bentonite clay is also good for getting rid of any build up on your hair if that might be preventing any moisture from getting into the hair shaft. I have a whole list of other things you can try, but just see how some of these suggestions work and give us a ring if you still need help.

    Good luck and tell us how it works!

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    i agree with all the responses of trying a shea moisture product because alot of them work really well, i used cantu shea shampoo usually for me the things that say dry damaged or anything that is exaggerated for damaged hair is the product i use even though my hair isnt really damaged.. i just feel like it is more moisturizing idk thats just me.. you should try it and see if it works for you too
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    thanks for all the advice, I will be going out to get the shea moisture, b/c I can't deal with this dry hair :happy4:
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    I have 4a/3c hair. I also did my BC last sunday. Imagine the dryness I had all week. Go to walgreens. Pick up these two items:



    Use the roots by nature after you DC. Massage 20minutes. Cover with satin cap and go to bed. In the morning rub on done hair lotion and plump. Every. Single. Coil and curl well be immaculately defined. Your hair will have softness and be moisturized.
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    I'm glad this was posted cause HH got me too!! LoL! No suggestions just tellin' ya I feel your pain!

    Jen :D

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    How about trying the co-washing instead of shampooing. :)