One side of hair is curlier than the other??? (pic)

One side of my hair has a lot more curl to it, it was something I never really noticed until I began CG. At first I thought bleaching killed my curl but now that I've gotten rid of most of the bleached bits, it helped a little but still wavier than the other side. :confused:

do i just have a different curl type on one side??? what curl type would you classify my hair?

i really don't want touch my hair up with a curling iron so what are some ways to fix this??

it's also a little shorter on the wavier side :(
(it's actually a bit longer than what it looks like in the picture because my arm is extended to take the picture and my shoulder is pushing it up a bit)
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Goals: volume, reduce clumpage, grow out damaged hair

Second day hair, what’s that?



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    Hm, it does look wavier on one side! Do you divide your hair in half and style one side at a time? Maybe for some reason you put more product on one side than the other. Or maybe one side is more damaged than the other. I think that was the case for me because in my straightening days I used to get so tired at the end of my routine that I would get sloppy and I didn't protect my hair as well at the end. And since I always did the right side of my hair and then the left, I think my left side ended up more damaged.
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    I totally had this issue (my left side was always straighter)... Then I realized that I was causing the problem when I was washing it. Basically I would put product in evenly, but then when rinsing I would pull all my hair over my right shoulder and wrong out the water and product. After repeating this for literally years, the left got slowly straightened. I have figured this out in the last few months and have adjusted my routine so that is "scrunch up", not "wring out over my shoulder," and I see a difference. Your hair looks shorter than mine, so it may not be exactly the same issue, but you might look through your routine and see if there is a similar situation. Hope that helps!
    Also, you hair looks adorable!
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    Hmm. Maybe you aren't distributing product evenly? I used to have the same problem with my underlayer. It will always be straighter than the rest of my hair (it's more "s-waves" and curls a lot more when it's longer, opposite of the rest of my hair), but I realized that I was contributing to the problem by not applying enough product there. Make sure you focus more on the spot that is less curly than the rest of your hair when you apply products (kinda obvious, but it never hurts to emphasize it ;)). Also, I used to do something similar to JewelCurls in that I would subconsciously treat one side of my hair differently than the other, like pulling my hair over my one shoulder to put condish in, but not flipping it over the OTHER shoulder to make sure the other side of my hair was covered, too. Maybe you're doing something similar to this. BTW, I know this "issue" probably bothers you, but your hair is so freakin' gorgeous that it isn't very noticeable!! :) You have such pretty hair that I am very envious of (I am turning green over your awesome root curl ;)).
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    Wow your hair is beautiful! Mine is curlier on one side, I think this is pretty normal. I try to remember to part it on the curlier side to make it look more even.

    I think you would benefit from a dry curly cut like a Deva Cut. The stylist would be able to adjust it so it looked more even.
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    :love10: OMG (jaw dropping open), your curls are gorgeous holdsteady!
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    I think this is pretty common. I had it for the first few years. Now that I've been on and improved my technique, it rarely happens. I suspect it was something I did/do, but don't know what.
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