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So I think I might be Low Porosity. What do I do?

ohtashohtash Posts: 90Registered Users
I didn't want to write this in the porosity forums because I'm not really sure if I am low porosity. I just guesstimated.

Ok, so I wrote a thread not to long ago talking about how I needed moisture. Every time I try to moisturize my hair, it NEVER penetrates. So I've been seeing high porosity/low porosity ever since I started my transitioning journey but I never paid it any mind. I just thought it was another complicated thing I really didn't need to know while becoming natural. But recently, I said let me see what it's really about. Turns out it's really important!

The reason why I think I might be low porosity is because when I wash my hair, it takes FOREVER to get wet. I have to stand under the water for a good 5 minutes or so for it to respond to water. when I spritz water on my hair, I get water bubbles. Also, when I blow dry my hair, it never dries completely. The middle is always damp.

So, am I really low porosity? is that the reason why my hair doesn't take moisture? If I'm really low porosity, what do I have to do to retain moisture? I need to understand this so I can start treating my hair differently.

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