Hard water help!!!

My hair becomes so dry and rough when washing hair with hard water :( I have soft water at home but in college I have hard water and as I stay in the hostel I can't do anything abt it :( my hair feels sooo soft at home but in college it's just rough :( please tell me how to deal with it



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    This week I started to notice a lot of build up in my hair & asked my husband if we have hard water. Of course we do! I just ordered a sample of curl junkie daily fix cleansing conditioner from kathymack & am waiting to get it. It has EDTA & from what I have read on here that may help with hard water build up. Maybe you could do some research on EDTA & decided if that might help. I can't say for sure that it will help but I am hoping.
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    Also looking for suggestions & help :batman:
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    I have hard water too, and have had good luck using an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse to remove buildup and mineral deposits from the water. I use Tiffany's recipe from Live Curly Live Free. It's easier to apply if you put it in a squirt bottle, and you can store any extra to use next time. I mix it up a quart at a time and store in a plastic water bottle with a squirt type top. It's just a cheap squeezable one I got at Walmart (use without the freezer stick).
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    Hey, I'm in the same situation as you are, OP. I have nice water at home but extremely hard water in the dorms at my school! I'm using curl junkie daily fix at the moment to combat minerals and stuff, but we have a lot of chlorine in the water which is what I think dries up my hair no matter what I do to it. I just purchased a shower filter for the bathroom in my room, and am hoping that gets rid of or reduces the chlorine problemo!
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    If you don't mind shampoo, you need to get Ion Hard Water shampoo from Sally's. Our water is terribly hard, and this shampoo is a lifesaver. I need to use it once, sometimes twice a week, and it's a miracle worker!
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    I second the shower filter( change every 6 months) and ACV (I use 3T per cup of water b/c I am not a heavy product user). Also Aubrey Organics makes a Swimmer's shampoo & condish you may like.

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    VO5 conditioners are awesome for hard water because of the EDTA. . My mom buys them because they are cheap but they were never very moisturizing. Recently, I decided to give the conditioners another try and I detangled with it and left it in for about a minute. When I rinsed it out, my hair wasn't very moisturized but I was AMAZED by how my curls bounced back and I realized that hard water was one of the reasons my hair was acing so weird. You should def give them a try--the tea therapy ones are protein free.
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    I have had hard water for my whole life except for when I was in school. It only causes problems when I am at a place that doesn't have hard water lol

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    I just posted about this on another board - had gone to Arizona for 2 weeks, and OMG, the water in the area where we were was THE hardest, harshest water ever. I'm home now in SF, and about to try Tiffany's recipes to get that mineral build-up out of my hair so I get back to normal here!
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    I second the ION hard water products from Sally's. I haven't used them, but I do use shampoo (low-poo) occasionally that is by ION, and I really like it.
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