Perfect curly stylist for those living in L.A. or I.E.

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RICHIE ROMAN... I found Richie on this site but just so others don't have to click through 5 pages of reviews. Richie is located in Long Beach at the Sidney Salon you can contact him at [email protected] .His cuts are $75 of which includes your cut, wash, style, and he gives LOTS of tips on how to manage your hair... yes $75 seems alot for a haircut to some but its money well spent especially if you dont want someone messing up your beautiful locks or wavy pattern. I will try to post pics but trust me its worth it. :)


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    I would like to recommend Amber Barath. She works out of 17th Street Beauty Center in Costa Mesa and can be reached at 949.554.9794 or [email protected].

    I am 2 years into gray-transitioning - dye-free since 3/25/10. I had received a rec for her - I called her and we had a 15-20 minute phone conversation about care, how I wear my hair, that I'm adamant about not losing length. She passed my trick questions (thought my use of coconut and argan oil was good). I thought about it for about an hour and called back for my first appointment last September. She does work by appointment on Sunday/Monday which I was pretty excited about. And has regular weekly hours.

    The salon is split with a beauty supply (which I've patronized for years-pretty good pricing-Dana is really helpful).

    When I arrived for my Monday evening appointment, I was early so I read and watched her finish up her previous client - whose finished hair looked wonderful. When she got to me, we spent some more time talking about my expectations. Even though I'm gray-transitioning, I don't want to cut my 2c/3a hair and I'm trying to get to less hair maintenance without sacrificing length.

    She trimmed my hair and shaped it and I swear to you, I couldn't tell she had cut it, yet the evidence was on the floor. It felt great and two months later, it still looked just as wonderful. Last January, I trimmed it again and also toned to blend my new growth and the color-stripped hair.

    She also recommended some hair products that they carried in the beauty supply but there was no obligation. I did go ahead and purchase the KMS Curling Cream and Mousse and I really liked it and have since repurchased.

    I have my third appointment scheduled in March and my hair has never been longer in my life and I'm really enjoying it.

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