Will it look right if I just cut off relaxed ends?

christianaLAITHchristianaLAITH Posts: 22Registered Users
Let me explain..LOL

My hair grows slower in the crown area ( i had it colored there and it REALLY damaged it.. I also flat iron it there alot) Now when I wash my hair, the back is all bouncy and curly, while the crown area has about 2-3 inches of relaxed ends left :sad6:

Will it look bad if i have it (layered, i guessss..?) that way? Just trimmed at the crown area..
By the way, my hair is shoulder length straight, mid-neck (LOL) length wet & above chin-level dry. I have 3c hair in the back, and sort of 3b hair in the front. When I was younger, i had 4a :)

On the bright side, I've challenged myself to not use heat until July :shaking2:
Anyone have faith in me? :toothy5:


  • TriMixDivaTriMixDiva Posts: 255Registered Users
    I have faith in you girl! I am thinking about this too. I'm growing out stringly straight ends. The nape of my nape I would like to cut to 1 or 2 inches curly but the majority of my hair is a little past shoulder length curly. I also want to cut the very sides/edges of my hair and my crown area to just a inch or two but I know I'd look so weird and not be able to wear it on a ponytail.
    TYPE: 3C
    Current State: Just bc'd but still growing out heat damage in the front that goes to the root
    High Density, Medium Porosity
    Length: Grazing SL curly with tons of layers
    Goal: MBL curly? 2019?
    Doing what I want when I want!

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