Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade changed?

Do you use Aveda Brilliant? It's the one in the small blue jar. I think they've changed the formula. It isn't the same oily formula that I liked. It disappears in my hands. It takes much more to spread through my hair. It doesn't get rid of the frizz or pull the curl together. I've used it since the late 80s. I've seen the jar change a few times over the years. However, this is the first time that the formula seems different.

Over a year ago, they were out. I tried to order online. I got repeated emails that it was back ordered. Then, they cancelled my order. I told them that I still wanted it. They said they didn't have it... that I should reorder when it was back in stock... but it was cancelled. I wrote a letter saying that I'd used it for over 25 years. I asked if there was anything that they could do. I got a generic response... they'd not even read what I'd written. Recently, I went into the store. They had it again. The sales person said that they had a shortage of jojoba oil, so the Brilliant Pomade had been out of stock for a while. I bought it. I am so disappointed that it isn't the same. It smells like it. It looks like it. It seems to be missing that magic, oily ingredient that gave my hair the weight and shine it needed.

Can any of you suggest another product with jojoba oil? Do any of you use a particular brand of jojoba oil?
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    I don't use that product but do use a lot of aveda products and I had a similar thing happen to the older defining whip which I loved. I would suggest you try contacting them again, but do it online at their website via live chat. They will be more helpful with getting you the information you need. Good luck!
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    I have some of this if you want to swap its way too oily for my fine hair
    and its just sitting in my cupboard :^)
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    I was going to offer you the rest of my tub but realized it's the ANTI humectant ... :(
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