I'm going to big chop!!!

IAmJordanNicoleIAmJordanNicole Posts: 784Registered Users
Well, sort of a big chop...since I transitioned for 17 months and clip my ends regularly there isn't much relaxer left...maybe 2 inches, 3 at the most.

I'm making the appointment when I wake up in the morning...hopefully they'll have an opening this week! I'm pretty nervous even though it's not going to be too much that gets cut. It's a weird feeling.

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  • RusycurlyRusycurly Posts: 717Registered Users
    Good luck! Post pictures after :-)
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    I'm at that same point now.16months post relaxer and have about 2inches of relaxer left.I really want to cut it off and just get this stage over with already but every week I tell myself "you can go a little longer..." Not sure if you cut it off yet,but good luck! :)

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  • IAmJordanNicoleIAmJordanNicole Posts: 784Registered Users
    I did cut it off and my curls really pop now! I love it!

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  • Butterfly_CurlzButterfly_Curlz Posts: 955Registered Users
    I did cut it off and my curls really pop now! I love it!

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    Congrats on your BC:occasion7:! I planned on transitioning for a very longggg time (maybe 3 yrs) but ended up doing a spur of the moment BC after transitioning for 16 & a 1/2 months.

    I was nervous at first too but honestly it was the best decision I could have made (besides going natural)! My hair is easier to manage w/out having to worry about being extra gentle bc of the relaxed ends, and my curls definitely popped. If you think they pop now wait until a month from now when you get into your routine and your natural hair gets used to your styling reggie...your curls will really pop then!

    In the end it's always an individual decision but for me it just came down to was it really worth holding onto a few inches of relaxed ends? To me it wasn't. Especially since my entire point was to be fully natural anyway and I was soooo close. Besides, before you realize it the hair you cut off grows back just as quickly as long as you are taking care of your hair/body!

    Congrats again!
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