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need help!! i do....

last year i was transitioning for 5 mnths straight, and im still in high school so there was a lot of negative feedback and at home. But i didn't care i wore my new growth proudly, until last year's thanksgiving when my family was ashamed to take me any where so i stayed with few visits from my family. So to rush to the point my mom permed my hair the friday of thanksgiving. Now i'm starting over, but now i want to go for the big chop and the only thing holding me back is the perm that my mom put in my hair was really good, my hair keeps shedding even after a protein treatment, and i don't know where to get hair pieces from. (and my family still doesn't support me going natural and if they do they don't want to go no where with me).

any tips:?


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    That's really tough when fam does not support. I applaud you for showing such inner strength to keep going. Please continue to love the hair God blessed you with even in the face of opposition from loved ones. They don't mean to be hurtful, one day they will understand your decision. For breakage, i suggest a deep condition once a week. After wash, slather hair from root to tip with a good conditioner like lekair's cholesterol(my fav) leave under a shower cap and head scarf for 30 min to (create heat) and then wash out. For better results, exercise a little while the cholesterol is in your hair. Hope this helps!!
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    Yea, it sucks when NO ONE is support your decision on becoming natural. But that's good that YOU want to do it. Don't worry about them because when your hair grows out long, healthy and beautiful, those same people that didn't support or understood why you did what you did are going to be the same people that are gonna end up loving your hair! Just ignore them!

    As for the BC, I would wait until some new growth kicks in and then when you're ready to cut JUST DO IT! So until then just wait it out.
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    I feel you girl. my mom threatened to perm mine too if I ddint tame it. Now im finding styles online to disguise my roots. i'm in high school too.

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