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My daughter is 6 years old and up to this point I think I have been doing "ok" with her hair.

Our usual routine is to wash her hair about twice a week with a generic 2 in 1 kids shampoo.

I usually get up with her every morning and shower her. We just condition her hair with a regular conditioner (whichever conditioner I have at the time).

Then I comb out her hair while it is still wet with a wide tooth comb. Then I blot her hair with the towel.

I don't usually add anything to her hair, but if I do, I add Fructis Sleek and Shine Serum.

When her hair is wet it is almost down to her bum. When dry, it is above her shoulders. She is completely against the idea of cutting it!

So basically, I would love to know if I am doing her hair properly. I would also love to know what I can do to make our mornings easier. At the moment we have to get up really early to do her hair.
I would love to have her shower at night. I was reading that satin pillow cases can help. Is going to sleep with her hair wet a bad idea? Any suggestions would really help!
Here is a picture so you can get an idea of her hair


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    I think instead of adding serum to her hair, try a nice thick leave in conditioner. I think that will help with her frizz but other than that her hair looks beautiful. There's nothing wrong with washing her hair at night. I personally can't because my hair just doesn't dry at night for some reason and I hate the feeling of a wet pillow. But it may work out great for her.
  • tranquilitytranquility Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you so much!
    I will try a leave in conditioner and hopefully that will help out.
  • Nikki3bNikki3b Registered Users Posts: 327
    I hope it works out. I don't have children so I can't say what to use but if I did have them I think I would gear towards natural products and a limited amount of them. The curly girl method book has a section on styling the hair of young children too
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    You have a great routine. Have you ever tried going more than one day between wetting it? Nothing wrong with your routine and since you use minimal products you don't have to worry about build up. Also trying it at night might be more convenient.
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    Her hair is beautiful, I'm jealous and it doesn't seem overly frizzy to me.

    Doing her hair at night will help make things easier for you guys, I say go for it.
    I do both my girls hair at night ( they do go to bed with wet/damp hair) and just refresh it in the morning.

    A satin pillow case will make a huge difference as will throwing her hair up in a loose high pony on top of her head at night. Braids and buns would work well for her too. In fact a couple of loose braided pigtails at night might help elongate her curls if she wants to get some length out of them.

    In the mornings spritzing it with a condish/water mix will keep it moisturized and help with any matting, knots or fizz.

    For my girls I use a spray bottle with a water, leave-in, and teeny bit of gel mix. Works great!

    What your doing now seems to work as her hair looks like it's in great condition, You can do the same thing at night and take a little time in the morning to spruce it up.

    Good job Mama!

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    also try the pineapple. where you just put her hair in a high ponytail at the front of her head then in the morning, all you have to do is let her hair down, shake it out and spritz w/ a moisturizer and they will be fresh.

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