I straightened my hair too much.

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After straightening my hair for five years, it's somewhat lost it's curls. And I was wondering how to get them back. When I wake up, sometimes they're back at its' natural state, sometimes it's half straight, half curly. My hair is halfway down my back, and I just want my curly hair back! Sometimes it's completely curly from the bottom to the top, but then after an hour, it's straight at the top because my hair is so long.

It used to look JUST like this girl's hair :

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I was wondering if I had it permed like that, since it's what my natural curls looked like, would it go back to my normal state? Or would it do more damage? I don't straighten my hair as much anymore, only three times a week, sometimes two. I don't plan on getting it permed every month.

ALSO, this might help: I am tri-racial. I am Cambodian, Italian and Chinese. I just want my natural curls back! Some days they're straight at the top, curly in the middle, and straight at the bottom. Some days they're curly at the top, straight in the middle and curly at the bottom. I would seriously give up the hair straightener if I could just get my natural curls back. If I could just get them back, I wouldn't even straighten it anymore!

Right now, I think my hair is at 3b. I don't know what kind it used to be but it looked exactly like her hair.
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    your hair sounds damaged. if you continue to straighten it, it will continue to be damaged. getting a perm will just add to the damage.

    you did a deep treatment and possibly a protein treatment.
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    Don't straighten it anymore, I killed my hair a few years back with excessive straightening. I wouldn't get a perm right away either, you should try to get your hair healthy again first before you try to do anything else. You don't want to make a bad situation even worse!!

    First thing I would to is go out and buy some deep conditioner and your favorite styling products so you can start wearing your hair curly everyday. If you are experiencing breakage consider picking up some protein treatments (Nexus Emergencee, etc). Condition daily, or every other day depending on the dryness of your hair and deep condition every week.

    I don't think a perm will solve your problem! It is very hard for a perm to match those curls. My friend got one and it made her hair very curly in some places and less in others. Take good care of your hair and keep the heat off of it and you will see your old hair start to slowly return. Good luck :)