Porosity of my hair..still in question

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Maybe some wise ladies can help me determine this. My hair is fine, highlighted and 2B/3A depending on the day & products. I received feedback that I was most likely high porosity - my hair absorbs water quickly and dries pretty quickly (diffuse 15mins and 1/2hr of airdry and it's fully dry). From most that I've read, it sounds like most high porosity hair is also damaged, dry hair. Even though my hair is color treated, it does not require much deep conditioning and it is not dry - I have no problem whatsoever with frizz. My hair loves AVG and protein and I've been using both glycerin & glycerin-free gels mixed with aloe with very little trouble. I'm still learning about dews and what product combos to use. Anyone possess similar hair qualities? Could it be that I am normal, rather than high porosity. I think understanding this will help me so much in picking out products.
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    Yeah, it sounds like you could be normal or normal to high porosity. Have you asked your hairdresser?
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    Hair can be naturally porous without being damaged.

    Since you doubt the answers you got in your previous thread, why don't you have a hair analysis done?? Live Curly Live Free - Hair Analysis That way, you'll have a "professional" opinion.
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