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Hi ladies! Didn't receive any help in general hair discussion.
I'm begining to open up to more natural/organic hair treatment. I've been growing out/transitioning (from heat damage/chemical dyes) for about a year now. Loving my new growth. Split ends are rarely an issue.

Well.. in my younger pictures my hair looks like it grew "out" & not just down. It had so much body.
I'm wondering if ill ever have that back? Since I began my hair journey the back has gotten thicker, definitely.
But the front.. man.. I wanna style it, & try all kinds of braids & twists.. it doesn't hold on the sides, like around my ears. The top holds fine but the sides are like maybe 1-2 inches of lil curls lol. Its not THICK, not enough hair to grab. Wouldn't be able to braid the hair "underneath". Feel me? I'm trying to explain it the best I can, lol. I'm just getting tired of buns, not having anything fun to grow out. Don't wanna spend money every few weeks for something I can learn myself :)

All in all, are there any oils, conditioners, herbs, supplements, etc. I can use to try to thicken my hair??

Thanx much! Xoxoxo.

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    Hey, I've been on my transition journey for a year and two months now. So I completely under the problem with some twist not holding due to length.
    To help the hair get thicker and grow try not to put it in buns and ponytails. Try wearing your hair in styles to the side with your hair in twist outs. Idk if you can understand the style I'm trying to explain.
    But with time your hair will grow with the right oils like coconut oil and maybe try castor oil. Also conditioner
    Idk if I was any help but hopefully,you'll get more growth so you can do more styles.
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    Thank u, I appreciate it! I feel like I'm getting better at this, lol. I'm def gonna take ur advice. I've even thought about it before. Just getting used to working my hands & getting a feel for the hair, learning the dimensions of my head, lol. I figured that's what might work best.
    I wear buns cuz they're so quick & its keeping my ends from splitting this far. I have to wear a hat at work & I already kno hats can be so damaging to hair.
    Hopefully wearing my hair like that can protect it from the hat :)

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    Since you have to wear hats, put a satin hair bonet on your hair then put the hat on. That should help alot.

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