understanding how to get "build-up" out

I have a question that I've been analyzing for a bit. Many of us say that we use things with polyquats/shea butter, etc, and it's all good because we use an occasional low-poo to get it out. We also talk about how frizz can be from having these types of things in our hair causing build up. But then I always have been just low-pooing like everyone else just on the scalp, even others put conditioner on their length to protect that from the lowpoo. So when do we wash the hair to get the build-up out, if we're only washing scalp, and not length. Doesn't the buildup problem come from having those types of things in our length of hair, thus causing frizz?? :icescream: Just wondering!!
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    from what i understand by concentrating on the scalp the runoff will move down to hair shaft to cleanse the length when you rinse. just to make sure i use a acv and aloe juice rinse after shampooing and haven't had any problems with buildup. :afro: