Olive Oil Gel

Have any of you used the new Ampro Olive Oil Gel from Curl Mart?

Mom ordered me some KCCC for my birthday, and when the package came it contained a whole jar of the olive oil gel, and another packet of some curl cream--neither of which mom had ordered. So fun to have goodies added into a package! :)

I just want to know if anyone has tried the olive oil gel and what sort of results they had?
Currently using and loving: KCKT & KCCC, Suave Coconut, BRHG, GVP Conditioning Balm

Next up to try: Protein Treatments

3a/fine/almost waist length when pulled straight; bra-strap length when curly


  • monniejmonniej Posts: 25Registered Users
    although i haven't tried the olive oil, i'm not a big fan of ampro gels. they're very heavy and give me helmet head. jmho~