Dyed Permanent Black Hair - Back to Blonde?

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Before you say, go to the salon, I have a few questions.

I currently love my black hair, but I'm thinking long-term (next 10 years or so) and need some advice. My natural hair color is a dark blonde/golden brown, but is currently dyed a permanent blue based black (has been for about 2 years). I understand I will need to strip my hair color and dye it the natural color. I dye and cut my own hair, as well as friends and family. Every experience I have had at a salon has been horrendous, and the last woman my mom went to to dye her hair did a horrendous job (mom had dye lines all around her scalp - rookie mistake), and therefore, I'm TERRIFIED of having a stylist do my hair.

If I do decide to do it at home, which brand is the best for color stripping (i.e. bleaching)?

If at a salon (a good one), on average, how much would it cost? Also, what chemicals/brands should I ask for to prevent losing my curls?

Thanks ladies! :love5:


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    It it's permanent dye, you could try ColorFix - one'n only colorfix. You will need to do the full color lift instructions, probably a couple of times. It may not get back to the lightness of your natural hair, but you could at least lighten up and grow out from there. You might have to use a very light color just to seal the hair (try an RC blonde).
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