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I've been doing the no-poo method for a while now and I'm running across a few problems. I've read about each of these problems individually but not all of them on the same head. So I need help.

-I have product build up and scratch and try and get all the gunk up as much as possible and rinse til the water in the shower turns freezing, but it always comes back and refuses to go away. But, that's because:

-my hair is seriously damaged, dry and frizzy, esp at the roots. Everything I read about the roots says to focus product at the roots. I use too much product- I get build up. I use less I get icky frizzy hair.

-Every now and then my roots get a gross, waxy/greasy film on them. It's horrifying and makes me want to :sad2:

-I'm using Loreal's new Sulfate free line fyi.

Any and all suggestions are sooo very much appreciated.


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    I apologize if you've already heard a lot of this stuff.

    First, I know that the L'Oreal line is sulfate free, but not all of the products are silicone free. (The Ever Sleek line is both sulfate and silicone free, but I would definitely check the labels if you're using one of the others). On the same note, did you do a final sulfate wash to remove any silicones?

    Have you tried doing a scalp scrub? I find that my scalp is happiest if I do a brown sugar scalp scrub about once a week.

    Unfortunately, the dry frizzies could be one of several things and will probably take some trial and error to completely figure it out. It could be a lack of moisture, it could be a sign that you should do a PT. Frizz could also sometimes be a sign of over-conditioning. I think the protein/moisture balance is probably the most difficult part of this to figure out. But, if you have damaged hair, a good PT might be a starting point.

    As far as product, I definitely focus much more on the ends- I hate how my roots feel if there's a ton of product in them.

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    When I 1st started the no poo method, I used V05 Moisture Milks and my co-wash and my RO was by Renpure. My leave in was Giovanni direct leave in and I used Herbal Essences styling gel.

    The first thing I wanna say, since our hair has the same issue, when I co-washed my hair, the harder I scrubed my scalp, the more I was able to remove build up. And then when I used my RO, instead of applying it directly to my roots, I applied to the middle of my hair and down to the tips and scrunched the conditioner to the roots and then completely rinsed it out. When I applied the leave in, it was just a quarter sized amount and it did the trick. As my hair adjusted to the no poo method, and using light leave in, my hair became more moisturized.

    The second thing I wanted to mention, its a shampoo and conditioner by Renpuré. Its paraben, dye, sulfate, and gluten free!!!!! (The shampoo too) and since I started reading all the CG forums, I haven't read anywhere about anyone using this product and I would highly recommend it. You can find it at Walgreens, Rite-aid, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc and its like $8 a bottle.


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    I started around Christmas and went about a week and a half without shampooing. My hair started feeling greasy, so I finally low-pooed and founds tonnnnns of build-up. My hair felt so much better.

    After that, I continued with cowashing and found my hair was just frizzy and greasy. Today I bought the matching shampoo (which is CG friendly and natural) to my conditioner and love it! Sometimes, hair just needs it.

    Good luck :)
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    I've only co washed 3 times, but it is doing wonders for my damaged hair. I read to start out simple, and since my hair is shorter (chopped/reconstructed after a bad dye job) I decided to start with one conditioner only. I also scrub my scalp with it, rinse thoroughly, and then re-apply to everything but the root area & let it sit. This has been golden, so far. Sorry if you've already heard this... I've read several threads/blogs on NC saying brown sugar is great as a scalp scrub. I plan on trying this. You mix it with conditioner & scrub away to reduce buildup. It's a great exfoliator for the skin, so I think I'll love it on my scalp. There are also threads/blogs on baking soda scrubs/ACV rinses. One of those might work well for you. One day I'll figure figure out my frizz issue, but I'm taking it one step at a time right now. I hope you find the perfect routine for you!

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    This is all awesome advice- thanks for the help!

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