I want my Curls back :(

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Hi Everyone

I normally have type 3b curls and it is under my bra line, just like the girl in the pic below... In july I found this new hairdresser that everyone with curly hair loved.. I wanted to straighten my hair for a special occasion and ever since then my hair is not as curly anymore. I went to see him again and asked him if he had used any products to smooth my curls and he denies ever putting anything in my hair and he says it's possible that the straightener was really strong :shock: Now me & my cousin have the same straightener and her hair was not affected:angryfire: His advice was to shower my hair and stop using the straightener it's been 6 months and I only used the straightener 5 times for any birthdays because I just couldn't stand my curls :sad1:

I'm using the same products I always did but my curls are no longer as bouncy and gorgeous as always. They're not even wavy and I hate it!!! I thought about doing a perm but I am afraid that it will only ruin my hair. Please help I'm willing to do anything to get my curls back



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    All you can do is put the straightened away completely and try some natural products, things without sulfate and alcohols and get a small trim and if he had put a smoothing thing in your hair you wouldve known it but it just takes time to repair hair. Just baby your hair and spoil it an it'll come around. Also try coconut oil it's the best thing for your hair.
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    Thank you Paige. I'm using coconut oil serum at all times... I'm looking for a good curly hairdresser at the moment as soon as I find one I will get a fresh cut!!!

    I don't know but I'm sure he did because my hair smells funky after the shower, as if there's a residue of a smoothing cream. I am using a coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and normally my hair smells great afterwards. But I guess there's no looking back and now I have to focus to get my normal hair back!! :smile: