Still confused about porosity!

I have read so many things about porosity and I'm still confused. I go back and forth from thinking my hair is porous to thinking its not.

Okay, so I've read that your hair is porous if it soaks up products. I can use so much product on my hair without it looking greasy or 'producty'. I use GVP Conditioning balm as a leave in and I probably use 1/2 golf ball size, maybe even 3/4. (I know people like to use money, but I never understood because the product is not is it a flat quarter size or a round..? How high?). I follow this with 1/2 palmful of gel that I scrunch out. I can do this 2 or 3 days in a row without co-washing and it still looks okay, not greasy. So...I thought my hair was porous.

On the other hand, I read that if your hair takes a long time to dry that it is not porous because porous hair dries quickly. My hair takes at least 3-4 hours to fully dry after a shower. I do not plop because it flattens my curls. So does this mean it is not porous?

I've tried the float test, and the hair did not sink, but I never remember to try it before I put my products in so I don't know if its accurate.
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    It looks like you have a lot of hair. If you have a lot of hair, you can probably use a lot of product without it getting weighed down, especially if it's coarse.

    My hair is Low Porosity, and I use plenty of curl creme and gel and one time forgot to rinse out conditioner and could hardly tell. So I don't think that's a good test.

    If you really want to know, spring for the curl analysis! Cheap and informative.

    I can tell mine is low porosity because:
    It takes awhile to get wet
    It takes a long time (6+ hours, up to 12) to dry if airdried from wet
    It is Very Resistant to bleach, requiring 4 rounds with bleach and high volume peroxide to take out all the color, 6 hours of bleaching. Of course when I did bleach it, once it was done it was HIGH porosity.
    It never gets split ends, even when grown for long periods of time.

    Hope this helps.
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