Caucasian locs

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Hey all,

I have always been interested in dreadlocks or locs, but now I think I want to do them. My question is, will double twisting work on my caucasian 3a/b hair?



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    on the nappy locs tool website there's information about starting locs on any hair type. in the video that comes in the kit there is a white person who has locs and they mentioned back combing. honestly, i didn't have to worry about any of this when i had traditional locs before or my sisterlocks now but you might search youtube for ideas on how to start locs on your hair type.
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  • EvancEvanc Posts: 10Registered Users
    Thanks much!
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    I don't know anything about the methods of twisting locs but I've heard that the toughest hair to get started is the since you have some sort of curl pattern I imagine that most of the usual methods would work.

    Also, like luvmylocs said, there are many people with looser curl patterns (or no curls at all) that have locs, so I would do research and see what methods these people used to start their locs.


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