Do any of you curlies wear wigs or would consider wigs?

Hey everyone! Hannah here! So I was just curious to know if any other curlies out

there have ever worn natural looking or human hair wigs or are interested in giving

them a try?

I myself am a bit interested, but I'm still pretty young (15 year old girl :toothy9:)!

I've been through a lot with my hair, some of which I really regret. I have

straightened my hair since about 3rd or 4th grade, then in 7th grade I started

going natural with mousse and other products. Then I decided to take a turn and

dyed my hair from a natural dirty blonde to a reddish brown. Its very pretty, but

damaged from straightening and dyeing. Then I had a chemical straightening,

and my hair is just all wack now and half curly and not the right color and I'm just

done with it. :afro: So I want to wear wigs, since I want straight hair anyway.

The wigs I am wanting are the 3rd and 4th in this video

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I think wigs would just be easier. You wouldn't have to worry about hair products,

waking up early to style, hair not drying right, frizzing, weather related issues,

and all that annoying junk.

So, curlies, comments? :)

Would you consider wigs too?

I know a lot of African American women wear wigs/weaves and people don't seem to mind.


  • CalamityMCalamityM Posts: 540Registered Users
    I ordered some wigs and did an article on my blog about how to totally change your appearance. I did a look on myself and used a black haired wig and then a blonde one. It was fun - and it's amazing how something like a wig can totally transform your looks.

    I have not work any of the wigs I purchased since though. I thought I'd take them on vacation with me to wear at clubs but ended up leaving them in my suitcase. The problem with wigs is that they're really hot! I am sensitive to the heat and they quickly become uncomfortable - especially in the summer. It is also a bit awkward to wear them - my hair kept falling infront of my face and I can't just tuck it behind my ear like I do with my natural hair - it's hard to describe the difference. I'd place the fake hair a certain way but it was a poor substitute for the hair on my scalp.

    I'd definitely wear a wig if I was going to a club or party (during Fall/Winter) and wanted to do something really different. Other than that though they're in a box in my bedroom and never get used. I much prefer the comfort of my own hair and the feeling of breeze on my scalp. Just my two cents! :)
  • thatssojessythatssojessy Posts: 17Registered Users
    I'm thinking about it tbh. It would help me to stop playing with my hair when I get bored.