I permed my hair, now it feels dry and unmanageable.

CurlyGirlNYCurlyGirlNY Posts: 128Registered Users
I don't remember my hair feeling this dry or being this tangled. I cut my ends the first time I permed my hair two months ago, which made it more manageable, but still not feeling the same. I don't know if it's because I was natural for a year and now it appears to feel different, but really isn't. I honestly don't remember it feeling this way. I feel like cutting it off, but before I do this, any advice. I put in some pink oil moisturizer, and that helped only for a few minutes, but it still off.. What do you think it is?
*4a/3c hair, thick, and color treated.
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  • naturally yoursnaturally yours Posts: 31Registered Users
    Please put the pink oil down. No wonder your hair is dry and unmanagable. Get you a water base moisturiser or a leave in to moisturise with. Afterwards seal with a natural oil like coconut oil, olive oil, ect.Deep condition every week. Use a sulfate free shampoo or cowash. Detangle with conditioner in your hair or a leave in and use a wide tooth comb. Moisturise and seal daily. Sleep with a satin/silk scarf nitely. Are you doing your own relaxers or going to a salon?

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