Clairol Balsam is discontinued arggh!

mintheminthe BannedBanned Users Posts: 209
I haven't used hair color for over a year b/c I've been coloring with henna. Though, henna is too big of a time drain and I notice I lose a great deal more hair than usual after hennaing.... probably from it laying on my head for that long. The hair loss is a fairly recent phenomenon so it may have more to it than just henna, but I always go back to normal after I stop hennaing. I hate to go back to coloring b/c my hair is so dry and fragile. Now I find out that my favorite dye is discontinued!

I don't know how long it's been discontinued but they still sell it some places. I thought about going back to DG and buying what they have left in my shade. How long does (unopened) hair color last? Also, do demi-perm colors like Natural Instincts really do a good enough job of coloring gray, and do they really last 4-6 weeks? Thanks.

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