Not sure if I can use protein...

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Hey! I have be searching for a hair lotion for my thin 4a hair. I found the Shea Moisture product called the "Curl Enhancing Smoothie". I understand it is for thick and curly hair but my friends (they have thin hair 4b) also have tried and loved it with no complaints . It has Coconut Oil, Neem Oil and Silk Protein as its main ingredients. There is also no hair smoothie for their thin hair line. After I applied the product to my hair, it started to break. I tried applying it when my hair was wet and dry and still got the same effect. :dontknow:

So is my hair protein sensitive? and do you have any suggestions on good moisturizing hair lotion?


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    Maybe u are cuz i just did a aphogee 2 step protein treatment and the same i did a braid out with the curling enhancing smoothie and mu hair looks so moisturized and strong and shiny. Im a 3b girl

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    3B/3C Recovering from heat damaged :/... almost like transitioning because most of my hair is straight it won't curl, thsi is due to sooo many years of using heat without stoping.

    Braid out and twist out are my staple styles right now! Not using heat since December 2011. Still experimenting with products!
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    Are you wanting to do the curly wet look?If so use a really strong hairspray and mouse and just keep messing with it till you get the look your wanting the spray one more time and it will dry just like that and give the wet look.Thats what I do with my curly hair that is down to my butt,Its the only thing that works for me.
    I am a managing hairstylist and for first i suggest you that website
    Grow Your Hair Back

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