Just testing to see if my avatar works

Holly-GolightlyHolly-Golightly Posts: 1Registered Users


  • poodlehairpoodlehair Posts: 12Registered Users
    It shows up as an X on my screen.
    3B-3C, Corkscrew
    CG routine since about 7/7/2003.
    All I need from life are the 3 c's: Caffeine, chocolate and curls!
  • wavygirltoowavygirltoo Posts: 7Registered Users
    Same here... I just see an "X"...
    2a/2b with a little 3a thrown in there; depending on length and whether or not color has stripped the curl :)
  • BurtBurt Posts: 196Registered Users
    I see it just fine. Its a picture of her with her hair pressed straight.

    This is a curly board, Holly! mad.gif

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