Coloring over highlights???

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I am afraican american. I have been natural and for many many years.

Last month I went drastic and I dyed and put highlights in my hair

Everyone loves it but I dont because, everytime I clip my ends the DARN hair splits again. So i feel like I will always have spit ends!

Its driving me nuts to see the ends of my hair trashy for no darn reason, and I keep getting them cut.

My hair is about 16 inches long and now its about 14 inches because I keep cutting it

I was thinking of dying my hair back to a dark color to giet rid of the highlights hoping that my hair wont split any more..

I spoke to the lady that did my hair and she said that maybe she can put a semi color in it to give the hair moisture.

Does that make since. I am still learning, So I dont know what to do

I spoke to my Aunt who does hair in NY and she ask if she used a color for african americans.

I didnt even know there was a such thing. yes I see african american on boxes at the store, but I didnt think there was really a difference

She also said she doesn know if coloring it will make it any better.

What do you all think I should do?



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    Recoloring your hair will not improve the condition of it. It sounds like you need some good protein treatments, followed by deep conditioning treatments. You can search the hair boards for good recommendations for PTs and DTs. :)

    Now if those highlights are fading or turning brassy, you can use something gentle like Color by Robert Craig to tone them again. You would need to choose a color about 2-3 shades lighter than the highlights because they may grab the color and go too dark (being porous).

    That won't improve the hair condition really, if it's that damaged, but it will not cause further damage and will keep it looking good as it grow out. Good luck!
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    Wow it looks nice I wanted to highlight my hair...I heard semi can be conditioning but don't use one that's in a crazy color b/c it made me hair feel weird

    Try Clariol at Sally's they have them in a pink bottle and it has jojoba oil,I tried it when I wanted a break from brown hair so my hair would go back to black and my hair didn't get more damaged.

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    Unfortunately I have nothing to offer as my hair is growing out from color. We are going to visit inlaws this weekend in TX so I need to color the lighter blonde to dark blonde, get the rest of it the same color and THEN hopefully highlights.

    They talk about us enough, I don't need to give them ammo with bi-color hair! ;-)

    Now, that said....your pic is wonderful. That dress is gorgeous and you look absolutely amazing in it....and the earrings! And I really like your hair also....

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