ChildCare Dilemma...please help.

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Okay. so I have a childcare dilemma and not sure what to do. I know this is I apologize in advance.

My nanny had surgery back in November (ovary removed and hernia fix). We were hoping she would be back in January but speaking to her she is still not 100% and doesn't want to return until she is. I understand this and appreciate her honesty.

Since she was going to be gone so long we put the kiddos in daycare. Addison loved it for the first 2 weeks....then when we came back from Thanksgiving she cries every day we drop her off...she breaks down even in the morning if I even mention hurry up got to get to school. When I ask her why she doesn't like school she say she misses me...but really even when she was home...there was days she didn't see me because I was so busy with work. Maybe the "newness" of school wore off is why she cries or something happened she can't express it to me?

At the daycare we is not a chain and the rooms are smaller but they are clean and bright. They told me before I started that if I didn't want her with the 2 year olds she would need to be potty we did this. After we started, I found out they don't have a 3 year old class right now..and most of the kids that are 3 are still not potty trained so they have the 2/3 year olds together. Since we've been going Addison has been in the 4 year old class. However their numbers are low so if they have to they collapse kids together (which happens a lot) Addison (3) is in with 4 and 5 year olds...which means she is with brother. Over the holidays when they went Addison had to go down to the 2/3 year old class because they moved the 4/5 year olds in with the schoolers. Which put Chas (5) in with kids as old as 12...which he made a friend who is 8...which does and doesn't bother me...but I'd rather he have friends his own age? Sometimes older kids don't want to hang with younger one's...he might get his feelings hurt. He's very sensitve to things like that. He still doesn't seem to have a close friend at this school...maybe it's because he's at his other pre-k 2 mornings a week but he's always been slow to accept change...although he loves his pre-k school. Anyway, Addison is constantly in different classes...never stable. Norm for them is to have 4/5 year olds together until 9:00...then back together after nap (2). Which means she's in her classroom only 3 hours...maybe?

I also "feel" like things are chaotic...or there is not a set schedule. A schedule is posted but I never hardly see any school work such as writing or craft stuff done except for color pages from Addison or Chas.

They rarely get outdoor time due to muddy yard or they feel it's too cold (so when is 50 degrees to cold?). Yesterday it was in the 60's and Chas said they didn't go outside and we've had no rain for a week. I have questioned this but they say they are following rules or othertimes they say well we played games instead.

Part of me says maybe we came in at the wrong time (holidays are always chaotic) and to give it a few weeks to see if things settle down since it's January. The other part says to find another place for my kids to go...that this place won't change.

My only other option is a chain daycare...same chain I had the kids in before I pulled out ...I had issues with that chain but each branch could be different..since they are managed by different people. My biggest issue was not giving the teachers flexibility to go off schedule if need to (ex. outdoor time...set time for class was 10:00 in morning...during August it's 90 degrees at 10:00 so it's too hot to go outside. Why not go out at 8:30 in the morning...when it's not to hot to be outside?) This type of stuff drove me nutso's.) Summertime they had extra stuff I paid for...but the teacher's weren't getting thier stuff from management to do the extra stuff...this also angered me...but a different branch could be different due to management.

This fall Addison will be attending Chas' pre-k Mon-Thurs 9 to 2 since they want kids for 2 years instead of 1. I will still need care after school, on Friday's...during some holidays and summer. The daycare we have now allows drop off's...which noting their low numbers they are never full. So everything will change come September.

Do I give the daycare we are at a chance since the holidays are over...or go ahead and change. It bothers me I can't put my finger on what it is about the school that is off...or maybe it's just me and I'll have this same feeling with the next daycare? Maybe Addison will cry at the new daycare as really is that she just misses me and it's going to take awhile?

Thought's? Have you ever changed things based on a feeling? I usually have hard facts...when I make changes. I wish the school they are in had camera's so I could watch to see what was going on...then I would know...but they don't. The other daycare would....

This could all go away in February if my Nanny comes back but I'm not holding out for that option.


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    I knew from the moment that I stepped into the place that the little one is at, which also has childcare [before/after school, as well] that it was/felt right.
    Go w/ how you feel. If something doesn't/isn't right, then I would go that way.
    I do this w/ every important place I go to...doc's offices, etc...g/l

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    I think for certain situations it is more appropriate to have hard facts before making a decision, but for things like this I think it's enough to just have a feeling something is off. If Addison is that unhappy and it's not getting better, combined with the other things you listed - that would be enough for me to look for another option. Poor kid, I am sad for her that she's having a tough time with it - I hope your nanny is well enough to come back soon.
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    Thinks for your input.

    I'm going to go check out the other daycare...I'm going to ask to just be able to observe both classes...especially Addison's to see how the teacher does...what they are learning etc. I'm off on MLK day...probably how I'll spend my morning. I'm also hoping they will let me see a kid's folder to see what they've wise, work wise, etc.

    They are trying at her current daycare with her to make her happy...but the place is just so chaotic...there are kids running all around when I show up to pick up.

    Chas told us last night that one of the teachers told a schooler (older kid)...glad you didn't get locked in the van again... Then of course he proceeded to tell us that he took a hammer and broke out the window to get her out. I tried to nail him down if it really happened (locked in van part)...which I don't think he would think of that my guess is yes. Something is just check's on where kids are...who is going home with who etc....that scares me.