For those of u that DON'T plop after shower. How do u get dressed w/out ruining hair?

I'd love to know some tips! Thank you!


  • CurlyQTPieCurlyQTPie Posts: 447Registered Users
    I am just really careful putting my clothes on. I usually put my top on last after my hair has dried some. My hair can't take a lot of manipulation after I put products in, so I try not to touch it a lot and just hold the head part of my shirts open and try to avoid getting them wet. It's really not that hard.
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    I will throw my wet hair up in a shower cap, dry off, get dressed and then take my hair and put product in and style.
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    I use a cheap (like less than 2 dollars cheap) satin bonnet from target on my styled hair that's as dry as I can get it. Put all my hair in it and slip my shirt over top then walla! Just take off the bonnet and you're done. P.s. I don't use the bonnet to sleep, it's really bad I mainly bought it so I wouldn't mess up my hair when putting shirts on!
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