Calling All Makeup Artists! Amateur & Pro!

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Hey guys!

I'm thinking about starting a side hustle as a make-up artist and i was wondering if anyone with experience could give me some advice or tips. I don't want to do anything big as far as shows or events (at least not yet). But I do want to get known around my college campus. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Put up fliers
    Offer to make up any and all women (guys too), take B&A pics
    Set up a web site or blog
    Get biz cards
    Practice, practice, practice
    Start a youtube channel
    Show your work on all the beauty sites
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    to start maybe find a niche. i've been building my side hustle doing wedding makeup. i also dance and have been marketing my skills for other performers. i got free cards and have just started putting my name out there.

    get connected with a photographer. offer your services through your photographer at a reduced rate. right now you might get work doing proms or girls taking senior pics.

    practice on yourself and friends. maybe try to work at mac or a big makeup counter, you'll learn lots there. you also want to work on your skills but also speed. i had a wedding party of 8, 6 bridesmaids, mother of the bride and bride and i was really nervous about time. now i know better but it helps that i worked on being fast and knowing the order of doing things that maximizes my time.

    see if you can be an intern (for free) for a big makeup artists, another good want to learn if they'll have you.

    make sure you have good tools, if you don't already start investing! it's taken me years to have all the stuff i have but it helps alot when i have a makeup gig.

    buy makeup artist books and study like you would any other subject. i've got 10 or more good and different makeup books, mainly from amazon.

    on the business side develop a price list and contract based on what is important to you. have that ready so that when people ask you your rates and want to do business with you you're ready to go.

    i spend a certain amount of time each week watching youtube. i learn things i like and really don't like. for me, i've not started doing videos because that takes a lot of time for creating and editing so keep that in mind. you could get sucked into the whole world of youtube videos which could take away from your time working on people in real life.
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