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7 year old takes ballet

naturally_chiqnaturally_chiq Posts: 5Registered Users
I have the hardest time with my 7 year old who is natural and takes dance. She takes dance 3 days a week 4 hours (ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical) and because her hair is natural it is difficult to put her hair in the proper ballet bun. uploadfromtaptalk1325620997162.jpguploadfromtaptalk1325621038998.jpguploadfromtaptalk1325621089199.jpg
I don't know what products to use on her hair, I am constantly having to wash it bc she sweats during practice so much. Please help!!
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  • curlijennicurlijenni Posts: 27Registered Users
    What about doing cornrows or two.strand twists into a bun?

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  • v1k2a3t4v1k2a3t4 Posts: 89Registered Users
    I cheat a little and scrape my hair into a puff, then put a bun net over it to give it the circular shape :)
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    1 girl...
    about a million, coarse, low porosity strands on my big, 4b (some 4a), natural head :D
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  • IAgirlIAgirl Posts: 2,540Registered Users
    I used to teach ballet and I danced professionally. Her hair doesn't look very long, so you could make a ponytail with a fabric ponytail holder, then you can leave it as is for the next part, or twist into a bun and (this is the trick): wrap a hairnet over the bun and ponytail holder. You'll probably end up doubling the hairnet. Most of your pinning will then be done into the net near the scalp with bobby pins or hairpins. This makes a neat-looking bun without a lot of twisting or tension and holds together very well through lots of jumping and spinning - and without the pain and frustration of tons of pins.
    The bun you show looks great - you could just secure it with a hairnet and some bobby pins.
    Hair nets are really the way to go - it's so much faster than trying to secure a perfect bun and they hold the hair in place so well.
    Here's a visual aid: How to make a perfect bun
    Notice in photo#6 how the's pinning away from the bun? You insert the pin through the net, directing it away from the bun, then you tuck it under a little more hair/bun back towards the bun. This pinning technique is rock-solid, so take care to not pin too tightly because it won't loosen up.

    Be especially gently with the twisting and let the net do the work for you.

    Hairspray was always our solution to shorter hairs that escaped the bun, but spray gel or a little gel or pomade on your fingers would work to smooth in stray hairs. Leave-in conditioners if you/she uses them will help prevent friction and should buffer some of the effects of shampooing. Washing hair with diluted aloe vera juice or herbal tea can work in place of shampoo - sweat on the head usually isn't too yucky and rinses out fairly well.

    Hope she is loving her classes! What a cutie.
  • naturally_chiqnaturally_chiq Posts: 5Registered Users
    Thank you everyone for the suggestions we are actually at dance class right now, so I didn't have a chance to try anything just yet. But I definitely will! He ballet teacher is a bun Nazi (for lack of a better word choice) and is very strict and will actually kick them out of class. It was actually suggested that she get her hair relaxed if that would make it easier for her to conform to the dress code. But I will try all the tips bc I will not be relaxing her hair!

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  • KandyLandKurlsKandyLandKurls Posts: 118Registered Users
    When my daughter was in Ballet, I would do sock buns. her teacher wasnt strict, just at recitals. Please dont relax her hair, if she is sweating alot, she is sure to sweat out her relaxer. Keep practicing on forming a bun, and use a little eco styler gel to help smooth her hair into the style. Also try banding her hair a day/or few hours before class, this will help to stretch out her curls. Here is a link to how we do a sock bunKandyLand: Sock Bun>
    and this is how I band my daughters hair <KandyLand: Trimmed N's Hair>
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    -Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-
  • IAgirlIAgirl Posts: 2,540Registered Users
    Bun Nazi! LOL! So true. A little unreasonable, IMO, but dance teachers can be like that.
    My students with very curly hair (one had very long, thick, curly hair) had to mist it with water and use some gel our mousse to get the bun to hold - but did use a hair net. One woman I knew with very long hair would separate her ponytail into 2 sections - then twist one section around one way, the other section around the other way. It made a flatter bun and was easier to pin.
  • BekkaPooBekkaPoo Posts: 3,861Registered Users

    She is such a cuuuutie! What a beautiful little girl you have.:love6:

    And I agree with the advice of the other ladies.
    "The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everybody else."
    "...rationality is not necessary to sell things.."
    My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)

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