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    Apple cider vinegar is a good clarifier. Or u can buy clarifying conditioners that are cg friendly!!!

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    You don't have to co-wash exclusively to be CG. The updated book permits washing with sulfate free shampoos (silicone free too, of course) of which there are many. Kinky Curly Come Clean is a good clarifying shampoo (drying to my hair, which is why I only use it for clarifying). I use Bobeam poo bars, which are also CG friendly.

    I hate co-washing, so I do it very rarely. However, many people seem to like Tressemme Naturals and Suave Naturals, so take a look at those. I actually ONLY co-wash when my hair's in a protective style (twists), but I use Wen, which has amodimethicone. I'd try one of the above first.

    As for deep conditioning, I just really feel you can't go wrong with Aubrey Organics. I like White Camellia, but Honeysuckle Rose is the most popular. It's thicker than the WC, so keep that in mind for your strands. If you need a protein boost, the GPB conditioner is a good moisture/protein mix.

    I don't think your oil blend is bad, but I really can't tell you if it's too much for your hair type. If you hair stays greasy looking and feeling, then it might be too much. Otherwise, if it works then roll with it.

    For taking down a style, the best thing I've ever used in this lifetime is aloe vera juice mixed with oil. I take 1.5 oz of each and pour it into a container with an applicator nozzle, and my hair LURVES it. Not entirely sure why it works, but it does, and it's cheap, and it's CG.

    Hope this time goes well for you!

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