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So I *think* my oldest has 3a hair, my second son has 3c/4a(the picture doesn't do his hair justice... I brushed his hair semi-dry :0/)., My youngest son is TBD(my first started off bald, my second was born with dark brown straight hair... lol)

I have no idea what to do with their hair. I have 3C hair, but grew up with a mother who also didn't know how to care for my hair.

Any tips, advice?

Right now I'm using a California Baby shampoo and conditioner. I would really like to keep the amount of chemicals I put in their hair to a minimum.


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    My advice is to look up the tightly curly method. She has wonderful tips and advice on curly hair! Since trying the method my daughters hair has improved alot!
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    yeah, you are right, i am agree with you,
    you have to do this .....
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    Struttswife's (Tiffany Anderson, curly specialist) e-book would probably be a great investment for you Live Curly Live Free - the e-Book Tons of information about curly hair. It would help you a lot with your "divergent" group of curlies, LOL! It's all information that you could find on, but all in one place. It would help you learn about choosing ingredients based on hair properties, etc.
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