Why didn't my semi permanent hair dye work on hair that's been dyed a lighter color?

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I dyed my hair with a box dye(garnier) from black to ligh auburn.I looks more like copperish medium auburn but I like it.A month later I dyed it black cherry and it worked making the color a little darker(jazzing clairol in black cherry).It washed out after 3 washes and I tried to dye it with manic panic purple&dark blue but it didn't work.I was hoping it would turn my hair to a burgandy but neither of the colord showed.After shampooing and conditioning my hair was still dripping of colored water.Should I not apply the semi permanent with conditioner?

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    Could your hair has been coated with styling/conditioning products before you tried the last colouring treatment? Having hair that is not full of products is important, though I know they say "don't wash your hair before colouring" on the box. This is because you don't want to hurt your scalp. If you can, clarify your hair and avoid silicone conditioners and styling products the day prior. Also, the more damaged your hair is, the easier it is for pigments to fall out from between the cuticle layers.

    Conditioner after colour can do what is called the 'tea effect'. Like when you put lemon into black tea, it lightens.. the acidity of conditioners (pH 4.5 or so is used to help close the cuticle to make it smooth) may lighten the artificial pigments that you just deposited. Use a conditioner that is specifically made for colour treated hair, or try to not use one at all for a couple of days to let your new colour settle.

    good luck.
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    Thanks.it probably was because I don't wash my hair before coloring

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    Johari wrote: »
    Thanks.it probably was because I don't wash my hair before coloring

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    If you think that's why, I agree with using a clarifying shampoo the day/night before. I wash my hair and just pull it in a ponytail. I don't use any products at all.

    It could also be the porosity of your hair. When you lighten it, the strand opens up to release color. It is difficult for it to hold some demi or semi colors. I'm not a hair colorist. I've heard them talk about coloring twice to "fill" the porous strands. I don't know what the process is... how long they wait between colorings. There are also some extras that they use, like pH balancing products and sealers.

    I've had good luck coloring my own hair with Framesi Framcolor2001. The color tubes can be mixed with different developers. One is called Mixicolor for a demi. I've never noticed color coming out in the shower. It just doesn't last as long as the Proxima developer in 15 or 20 volume. I try to alternate to lessen the damage to my hair. Framcolor is a professional line. Their reds are the best. They last and stay true to color. The place that I ordered it online is no longer carrying it. I need to find a new place to get it. If you can find it, it's worth a try. I can't imagine it washing out.
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