Curl Junkie, Hairveda, C's Daughter, Taliah Wajid and more for swap or sell

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I have some itmes that I'd like to swap or sell. I love Kinky Curly and Oyin products. I also like Blended Beauty's Curl Styling Butter, CBSS Hair Pudding, KMF Gel, Dominican products, Curl Junkie Olive and Argan Conditioner and Daily Fix, WEN. Or try me, I'm open to discovering new things. I have to swap/sell:

Curl Junkie 12 oz Curl Queen 45% full--$12
Hairveda 16 oz Moist Pro Condition 80% full--swapped
Carol's Daughter 4 oz Hair Balm 97% full--$11
TW 8 oz Protective Mist Bodifier 95% full--$6
KeraCare 4 oz Leave In Conditioner 95% full
Queene Helen 4 oz Royal Curl Curl Smooting Oil 4 oz, 95% full
Lush 7.7 oz Jasmin & Henna Fluff Eaze 65% full
Curls by Sister Smith 4 oz Butter Me Up in Vanilla 97% full--sold
Silicon Mix 8 oz Proteina de Perla 2/3 full
Hair One 12 oz Olive Oil for Dry Hair Cleanser 90% full

PM me if you are interested in anything. All prices include shipping to the continental US. If you are interested in buying something that doesn't have a price pm me.


  • coracora Posts: 456Registered Users
  • coracora Posts: 456Registered Users
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  • coracora Posts: 456Registered Users